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Alcom Perfection Uganda is a consulting and training company that conducts capacity building workshops, in-house and external training programs for small and big organizations as well as local and international institutions.


We all know that, nowadays, young men and women everywhere are struggling with so many different choices. Choices that they were not prepared for. Choosing a career nowadays, choosing a path study can most certainly be very difficult. This is one of the main reasons as to why we see many graduates  doing something they do not really like.
The idea is not to do something just to get minimum wage and live like that. Young people need to understand that, their dreams matter and that they are supposed to develop their skills and competencies in order for them to be able to advance in the future. They can become  businessmen and businesswomen, they can become everything they may have ever thought of as long as they want to try. But wanting to do it alone is not enough. If you do not have the right support from your community or your environment you’re most likely going to get discouraged. Getting discouraged is a very big mistake in this particular case because you will simply not understand that, you need to move forward. Because of the fact that, this is quite a common phenomenon, Alcom Perfection has started an entreprenuership programm in the field of youth with a business mindset. To put it as simple as possible, Alcom Perfection is making sure that, they will be able to practically train young people how to grow their business ideas from generation to reality,develop business mgt skills and competencies in order for them to be able to advance to a bright future. This practical  training  will help you  understand exactly what kinds of skills you might have and how you can train them in order to become better at what it is that you do. If you’re a young man or young woman  you need to know that you do have options. Options that will help you advance your  business skills and competencies and help you make your dreams come true. 
The entreprenuership youth workshop is a practical training that will help you identify your business idea,grow it and help you improve on your business  mgt  skills too. Before you know it you will have an entirely new bright future unravelling right before you. And we can guarantee that that future is definitely going to be worth it.
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